Your trusted and flexible resource, helping you to grow, overcome challenges and implement solutions from strategy through to delivery

Strategic Direction

Every business is born out of an idea or passion, but every great business only succeeds by following a robust and continually reviewed strategy.

Being clear about both the short and long-term objectives for your business, the market you operate in and your capabilities means you have the best chance of achieving success in your chosen field. Your Avonglen Finance Director will collaborate with you to establish where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there.

Working with you as part of your senior management team, we help you set a strategic direction for your business that is aligned with your goals. We will assess your current position, prioritise activities, produce financial projections and budgets and develop a plan for delivery.


Commercial Development

In order to deliver on the strategic ambition of your business, you’ll need the most profitable commercial model. This could involve challenging the current way of doing things or work out the best way to turn a new idea into a physical product or service and take it to market.

Really delving deep into the detail will enable revenue streams and profit margins to be maximised - from the cost of production to the most successful sales channel, we'll examine all of your business metrics, contractual terms and market analysis to get a robust and complete understanding of your business.

We help you to build on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses, adding value to your business commercially if required, whilst ensuring the most suitable systems, resources, operational structures, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reporting frameworks are in place.


Operational Delivery

Once agreed, we will monitor the impact of your operating plan to ensure that your strategic vision is being progressed and that the right KPIs, accurate monitoring and reporting frameworks are in place.

We’ll help protect both you and your business by putting in place appropriate reporting systems and best practice processes and ensure that these are adhered to.

Enabling you to concentrate on your business passion we are able to deliver the entire finance function ourselves or work with your teams and third-party suppliers. We will constantly assess the viability of projects and commercial ventures to generate the best returns for your business and ensure strategic aims are being met, while translating data into meaningful insights that influence necessary action.

Payroll, bookkeeping and management accounts through to forecasting, statutory accounts preparation and corporate and personal taxation are all part of the service we can offer.

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