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We are a team of professionals with diverse sector knowledge and proven capability in all aspects of business management.

We identify the strategic, commercial and operational support you need and deliver it in a manner appropriate for you.

We provide cogent advice through-out your business's lifecycle - starting, growing, changing or exiting.

What We Do

Business Planning and Advice

Organising Businesses for the Future

Acquisitions, Disposals and Exits

Implementing Business Plans

Project Appraisal and Investment Review

Managing Advisor Relationships

Business Administration

Control and Analysis

Finance and Operating Systems

How We Do It


Right For You





As you start out, you’ll need input on how to set up and get going operationally.

Avonglen will support you in the set-up stage,
help you define strategy and bring that strategy to life.

As you grow, the way you operate will need to

Avonglen will identify the right ways of working for you and implement appropriate reporting, systems, controls and management methods.

Along the way, you might go through challenging times where tough decisions need to be made.

Avonglen will be there for you, making sense of
your company’s position and finding a solution.

There will come a time when you need to think
about the next steps for you and your business.

Avonglen will help you consider all aspects of
this to achieve the best possible results.


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