Maximise your future success without jeopardising what you have already achieved with a planned approach

If you’re an established business which has enjoyed a period of sustainable growth doing what you do best, you may not be content resting on your laurels and aspire to grow into new markets.

But with reignited ambition comes an element of fear and also risk – your business is doing well and you don’t want to do anything to jeopardise the success you’ve already achieved.

Whether you’re looking to increase your market share significantly, launch a new product or service or start operating and selling into new territories, your business needs a planned approach to maximise success.

Many things will need to be reviewed and possibly changed, from strategies and business plans to current priorities, funding channels and the way you operate. Your existing business needs to continue to thrive while you work out the best way to fund and manage growth.

Avonglen will work with you to position your business for growth, identify opportunities for funding that growth and implement appropriate reporting, systems, controls and management methods if required.

Business planning and reporting

If you’re planning to grow your business, through additional products, services or regions, then you’ll need to know what to expect in terms of the financial impact. Without detailed forecasting about the best and worst-case scenarios for your business finances, you could be flying blind.

We can work with you to extract the right data in your financial reporting and turn it into detailed insights, projections and forecasts. So for example, knowing which products or services are generating the most profit, how much of your business is made up of repeat purchases or where cost of delivery is too high, may impact how you prioritise areas of growth.

Raising finance/funding

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and are looking to build on what you’ve achieved so far then you may need to investigate raising additional finance to help you facilitate this.

We have helped many businesses to identify the most appropriate way of funding growth and preparing for third-party lending or investment and can work with you to ensure your business is an appealing and viable investment opportunity.

We’ll help prepare the specific financial reports you might need, liaise with prospective lenders or investors or other advisors as required and give you our experienced professional guidance during the negotiation of the investment agreement.

Any funder is likely to require increased financial reporting, including a full Management Information (MI) pack each month including key performance indicators, commentary, detailed profit and loss account, cash flow report and balance sheet, supported with detailed analyses of key numbers such as revenue, margins and employment costs, etc. We would expect to provide this information for any business we work with but as part of your team we will also be able provide the specific analyses required by any lender or investor, such as reporting against banking covenants, and guide you through the process.

New products, services and territories

Growing your business by expanding your geographical spread, launching new products or increasing your services is a natural progression. Whatever way you decide to do it, you’ll need to ensure you don’t jeopardise current business performance, that you have sufficient resources to be able to achieve it and that you don’t put yourself in a risky financial situation because of it.

We’ll help you examine all the upsides and downsides of your expansion plans, identify any risks and help you prepare both financially and operationally.

Managing growth sustainably

Growing your business is both exciting and challenging, but you need to mitigate any risks so that you don’t lose what you’ve built up so far. As the saying goes, you’ll need to spend money to make money and there will undoubtedly be a pressure on resources. However, with the right strategy, planning and forecasting, sustainable and complementary growth can be achieved.

We’ll start with a review of where you are now, the best long-term growth opportunities and help you put a plan in place to achieve this so any extra investment is returned through additional profit and cash generation.

Mergers and acquisitions

As a business that has reached a certain level of success, you may have identified that the best growth route is to merge with or acquire another business. We have a wealth of experience working with businesses in exactly the same position across a variety of industries.

We’ll not only be able to advise on the the most appropriate options for funding a merger or acquisition if this is indeed the way to go, but also analyse the businesses you are considering and their financial reporting and projections to minimise any risk to your business.

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