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Do you make a profit on every product or service you sell?

If not, is this deliberate (such as a loss-leader strategy) or accidental? Or do you have no idea but just hope that generally it all works out sort of ok?

In business we need to do more of what is...

15 January 2021

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What a Finance Director can add to a leadership team?

At Avonglen we work with many businesses that benefit from professional accountancy services and we are proud to work alongside and collaborate with many of these excellent firms. It’s clear to us that...

7 January 2021

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How resilient is your business?

In these challenging times it is important that business leaders understand how many months they can survive with the cash/debt facilities they have. Many businesses are suffering very low sales, particularly...

7 January 2021

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Beware of the enemy within!

Small and medium sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to fraud as it is difficult to achieve good segregation of duties within a small team. They can also often have a “family” or “team”...

Advice and Resources |

7 January 2021

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What's your plan

The lockdown, which was imposed as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, and the subsequent gradual easing has been devastating to many companies, particularly those in the traditional retail, travel and...

22 July 2020

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Achieving your ambition

In a fascinating series of articles, in partnership with Decision Magazine, Avonglen explores how successful entrepreneurs have achieved their ambition.

It might be that the business has never been...

Company News | External Article |

11 June 2020

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