With an external and impartial review and assessment of your business, you can ensure you are on the right track

You’ve probably already got some decent financial reporting and forecasts in place but are unsure about what this is actually telling you and whether you are reporting on the right dynamics.

Sometimes, the world of business moves so fast, in both good and bad directions, that you may need to be challenged in your view and financial assessment of the business to understand the best next step to propel you forward. This can be a colossal task that will not only take you away from the management of your business but require an external and balanced perspective.

You might know exactly what operational steps you need to take for the future success of your business, but do you fully understand the impact on your financial position and do you have the right coherent intelligence to create strategies and plans.

At Avonglen, we will help you review and assess your financials and look at ways to improve reporting and profit margins and ensure your business is in the best possible position.

Challenge my view

Many business owners – whether you manage your company from afar or work ‘in’ it every day – would benefit from a sounding board and external perspective at times. It provides you with the opportunity to have the robustness of your business strategy, plans and operations challenged by someone impartial with no emotional connections.

We want to get to know your business, both the numbers and your strategy, to understand your long-term objectives and ensure your business is set on the right path. We’ll act as your right-hand man or woman and your First Lieutenant, providing insight and advice every step of the way.

Reporting and analysis

Whether you’re a growing SME or more established business, you may be in a position where your financial reporting and analysis is insufficient or out of date and your processes undefined or no longer fit for purpose. Perhaps you’re currently working on a loan application or other type of project which requires a different kind of reporting structure.

Whatever the reason, all businesses will find that their needs change over time and sometimes it requires an external perspective to set you back on the right path. We work closely with business owners to review internal reporting and processes and provide analysis on how it can be improved.

Improving my cost/profit ratios

Profit margins can fluctuate on a daily basis depending on several external factors, but most businesses will cater for this in their forecasts and have a sufficient buffer. However, there are likely to be ways you can lower the cost of service delivery or product supply/manufacture by making some internal changes, which will strengthen your cost-to-profit ratios.

We take an in-depth look at your systems, processes and supply network to identify areas where you may be overspending and how we can reduce your production/service delivery costs so that your profit margins increase.

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