To take your business to the next level, you need to manage growth effectively

If you are an entrepreneur with ambitious scale-up plans you’ll need support to manage that growth and stay on top of your finances. Whether you’re an established business with high growth plans or an early stage venture with blitz-scaling aspirations we have the financial experience to match your ambitions.

You may have already undertaken ‘friends and family’ or more advanced fundraising rounds. You may have already developed or be making good progress in developing your product or service. But the challenge is to ensure you have robust projections and financial reporting in place in support of the fundraising rounds that have yet to come and to manage the growth you envisage.

As part of your management team, you will need an experienced finance director who understands the demands that a scale-up process will place on the whole business and particularly the finance function.

At Avonglen, we can support you to develop your business strategy and build the financial projections that reflect that strategy. We are familiar with the demands of working with venture capital and private equity firms and providing the materials that are required to secure investment. We can also help bring your strategy to life by introducing structure, clear plans and an operating path to achieve your objectives.

Business planning and reporting

You couldn’t have achieved what you have without an accounting system in place already. But are you able to extract the right data from this package to form the basis of a business plan or to understand what’s already working well and what might need improving?

We work closely with you to develop financial projections in support of business plans. We also help to decide what metrics are most important and use these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help identify the objectives that will drive the growth of your business.

Raising finance/funding

It sounds like you’re an ambitious scale up who needs a solid financial grounding from which to fund growth.

We have experience in helping businesses like yours prepare for third party investment including venture capital/private equity, grants, government funding and possibly loans.

We’ll do everything needed to help make your business a viable investment opportunity. We’ll help facilitate due diligence requests, liaise with prospective investors or other advisors as required and give you our experienced professional guidance during the negotiation of the investment agreement.

Any potential investor will require a whole new level of reporting including a full Management Information (MI) pack each month including key performance indicators, commentary, detailed profit and loss account, cash flow report and balance sheet, supported with detailed analyses of key numbers such as revenue, employment costs, etc.

Managing growth sustainably

You’ve gone from an ambitious start-up to a high-growth scale-up, but you want to manage the risk that this will inevitably bring.

By working with you closely, we’ll help you shape the strategic direction and develop a financial plan that will provide you with a roadmap for that journey. If sales fail to grow as rapidly as you anticipate then we can model how much expenditure needs to be reduced to stay within the funding that is available. At this stage it’s important that the financial model is updated and reviewed regularly so the business’s growth plans can be fine-tuned.

Define my management structure

To date, you’ve clearly benefited from talented people to help get you to where you are. You may still be bringing additional resources on board to serve the business needs as it stands as well as support your growth plans.

Now may be the right time to review your team and create appropriate organisational structures. We'll help you to identify any skills gaps, expertise and resources needed and put in place defined roles and a management structure that will ensure maximum effectiveness and commerciality.

Systems and processes

As your business grows and increases in complexity you need to review your systems, controls and processes.

All businesses reach a point where processes need to be reviewed to ensure that they will meet the scale-up demands on your business. Our aim is to help you identify what changes you need to make to support the growth and improve both productivity and profit margins.

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