Our three-pronged approach ensures that you are provided with a Finance Director who understands your business needs and industry and will become part of your team


The first step is to give you and us the opportunity to get to know each other and our businesses. If you decide you’d like us to work with you, then it’s important we like and trust each other as our Finance Director will become an integral part of your team.

In an initial meeting, we delve deep into your products, services, industry, business set-up, how you operate and how your business is performing currently before moving on to your ambitions.

Our aim is to find out what you hope to achieve and when, and by understanding your business as it is, your available resources and finances, we will be able to recommend a way forward.

It’s an informal yet highly informative meeting that will provide you with a detailed health check for your business and options for next steps.



Following our initial meeting, we will carry out due diligence relevant to the market in which you operate and against your objectives to understand the opportunities for commercial success.

We’ll then devise a plan around our proposed involvement, taking into consideration timelines, any existing internal resources and third-party suppliers. This will involve a gap analysis of skill sets within your business so we can determine the right kind of expertise and level of support needed.

You may only need the support of a Finance Director on an advisory basis, or one to work with your existing resource, whether that’s an internal finance team or independent accounting practice. Or you might require more hands-on support and help building your own internal team, or for us to provide a fully outsourced finance function as well.

Whatever your requirement, we provide a flexible and part-time resource and ensure your Avonglen Finance Director and support team has the right mix of characters, personalities, skill sets and specialisms to benefit your business. We’ll then establish the best way to create a close working relationship, how we interact with key stakeholders and the wider team.



Your Avonglen Finance Director and support team, will be made available to you in the manner that is most appropriate for you and from a pre-agreed date. Regardless of how often or whether working on site or remotely, your Finance Director will always spend enough time ‘in’ the business to become a recognised and integral part of the team and operations.

Like any senior management team member, they will always be available by email and telephone and are wired to expect the unexpected, adapting to your changing business needs appropriately, and fast.

From day one, expectations and deadlines will be set, with a view that transparency, regular communication and versatility will keep everyone on track, even if that track changes.

If we provide you with the full finance function, your support team will remain predominantly based from our head office at Southampton Science Park, allowing us to manage them effectively, but be available when needed. They also have schedules for statutory reporting and investor timetables, for example, and you will have access to this through a secure portal.

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