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What We Do

We provide the services of experienced Finance Directors

on a flexible basis, giving businesses of any size

affordable access to FIRST-CLASS ADVICE

With Avonglen you get the advantage of:

Knowledge – Access to a much wider range of skills and experiences than you would get if you simply employed an individual full-time.

Flexibility – Support exactly when you need it, be that monthly, weekly or every day.

Affordability – We make sure you only pay for the work that needs to be done.

We identify the strategic, commercial and operational support needed and deliver it in an appropriate manner.

What Does a Finance Director Do?

“There is still the traditional component to a Finance Director role which involves financial stewardship – ensuring financial disciplines are in place to maintain tight control of the business, good cash flow generation and identification of key business trends and issues.”

Today’s Finance Director

Today’s Finance Director is about much more than this; they are now seen as a trusted advisor to the business. Providing insight, support, challenge and control to business operations. They have a vital role in setting the strategic agenda and turning that strategy into clear business plans which can be communicated across a business.


Business Planning and Advice

  • Working with business owners to set the strategic agenda for the business and turn that into a coherent business plan with defined activities and targets.
  • To act as a trusted advisor to the business owner through all decision-making activities

Organising the Business for the Future

  • Reviewing the operational requirements of the business, people, and systems, and ensuring it is appropriately structured for the future.
  • Assessing the funding requirements of the business and creating an appropriate footprint.

Acquisitions, Disposals, and Exits

  • Overseeing acquisitions and disposals and readying the business for such activities.
  • Advising on appropriate exit strategies and readying the business for such activities.


Implementing Business Plans

  • Ensuring Strategic Plans are defined throughout the business and all members of the team are working towards the same goals.
  • Implementing appropriate metrics and reports to deliver success. 

Project Appraisal and Investment Reviews

  • Ensuring business decisions are appropriately appraised for financial and commercial viability.
  • Acting as the trusted advisor to business owners in key decisions.

Managing Advisor Relationships 

  • Acting as the key liaison between businesses, investors and funding providers.
  • Managing the work and output of other business professional advisors (lawyers, accountants, and auditors plus HR/Insurers).


Business Administration

  • Supporting business owners in setting up the business structure that will be most appropriate for their business.
  • Managing all of the set-up documentation and registration.
  • Considering all aspects of taxation – Corporate, VAT, Payroll,etc.
  • Company secretarial duties.

Control and Analysis

  • Managing existing finance teams to the best standards, creating a finance team to achieve the business standards or providing a fully outsourced service to manage a business’ financial requirements.
  • Implementing and scheduling standard business activities such as budgeting and reporting.
  • Analysis and explanation. Ensuring business owners get properly interpreted financial information and insight into necessary actions.

Finance and Operating Systems

  • Advising on the most appropriate accounting systems for business. Overseeing implementation or providing an outsourced system.
  • Advising on system requirements for all aspects of business.
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